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Forum Rules

To post in the forums, please keep the following rules.

It is not allowed spam / advertising:
advertisements are not permitted in any commercial product or service in these forums. chains and pyramids messages are also prohibited.

Any material that constitutes defamation, embarrassment or outrage is strictly prohibited. Have common sense when posting.

Offensive content:
Material with sexual content and / or obscene, racist or discriminatory will not be permitted in these forums. This includes user images. Use common sense. We want to show this site to our mothers.

Illegal content:
It is prohibited to provide or request information about how to obtain or provide illegal software.

Cross posts:
Post a topic in more than one forum is boring and therefore not be allowed. Just post it once in place.

Copyright and property:
The comments in the forum posts are property of him who writes.

Some punishments for the above rules are at the discretion of the moderation team.


Sincerely, Fórum otPokémon.

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