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All quests and videos about it.

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Hello! I am the [Help] Juh Targaryen, in the red world. I hope explain for you all what you need to do and how to do the quests of the OtPokémon.

Some players finds difficulty doing quests, so, this topic means to help you with that issue. 
First, verify in the official website wich quests your character can do (which ones you already did and which ones you didn't yet). Most of them needs something to be completed, like a minimum level, or you need to be a premium player (vip), or you need to have a specific item or a specific pokemon on your team. 


Knowing this, now verify on the list below the quests you did not, and if you are able to do.
Besides, when you click on the quest's name (in blue), you will be redirect to the video teaching you how to do the quest you wish. Easy, uh? Now, go on! A lot of adventures and challenges waits for you!

  • 20 Hds QuestRequirements: Pokémon with ROCK SMASH ability. Any level. VIP?: No. Location: East from Saffron. Reward: 20 hds (hundred dollars).
  • First Stone QuestRequirements: lvl 25+. VIP?: No. Location: Southeast from Saffron. Reward: Water Stone or Fire Stone or Leaf Stone (you choose one, not all three).
  • Earth Stone Quest: RequirementsQualquer level.VIP?: No. LocationHole at west from Cerulean. RewardEarth Stone. 
  • Darkness Stone Quest: Requirements: lvl 80+. VIP?: No. Location: Northeast from Lavender. Reward: Darkness Stone. Tip: Go with psych pokemons.
  • Punch Stone Quest: Requirementslvl 50+. VIP?: No. LocationHole in Saffron. RewardPunch Stone. 
  • Rock Stone Quest: Requirements: Free. VIP?: No. Location: Ilha ao nordeste de Cerulean. Reward: Rock Stone. Tip: Go with water pokemons.
  • Venom Stone Quest: Requirements: lvl 50+. VIP?: Yes. Location: Southeast from Cerulean. Reward: Venom Stone.
  • Crystal Stone Quest: Requirements: lvl 150+. VIP?: No. Location: Watch in the video. Reward: Crystal Stone.
  • Boost Ice QuestRequirements: --. VIP?: Yes. Location: Ice island northeast from Cerulean. Reward: Boost Stone.
  • Boost Free QuestRequirements: lvl 150+. VIP?: No. Location: Watch in the video. Reward: Boost Stone.
  • Boost Hell QuestRequirements: lvl 150+. VIP?: Sim. Location: Fire island west from Vermilion. Reward: Boost Stone.
  • Celebi QuestRequirements: lvl 350+, 17 sling herbs. VIP?: No. Location: Ilex Forest, west from Azalea (Johto). Reward: Leaves backpack (30 of capacity/30 slots).
  • Halloween (Not available)
  • Shedinja QuestRequirements: lvl 250+, 50 Coccon Stones, 100 Darkness Stones, Shiny Stone, Nincada. VIP?: No. Location: Esquerda de Olivine (Johto). Reward: Pokémon Shedinja.
  • Burned Quest: Requirements: lvl 300+, pokémon with FLY and DIG abilities. VIP?: Yes. Location: Ecruteak (Johto). Reward: Roll Stone (evolve Lickitung -> Licklicky) or Pure Stone (evolve Rhydon -> Rhyperior).
  • Rayquaza QuestRequirements: lvl40+. VIP?: Yes. Location: Ilha southeast from Orre (Hoenn). Reward: Pokémons Absol and Beldum (you receive both, no need to choose).
  • UltraBall QuestRequirements: Pokémon with FLY ability. VIP?: Yes. Location: Violet (Johto). Reward: x100 ultraballs.
  • Unow Quest: Requirements: lvl 250+, pokémon with DIG ability, Togepi on your team. VIP?: Yes. Location: Between Goldenrod and Violet, both in Johto. Reward: Dubious disc (evolve Porygon 2 -> Porygon Z, also Nosepass -> Probopass).
  • Lugia Quest: Requirements: Level 250+, a group of players, pokémon with ROCK SMASH and SURF abilities. VIP?: Yes. Localização: Island south from Olivine. Reward: Green Ambar (evolve Tangela -> Tangrowth).
  • Tyrogue QuestRequirementslvl 100+, pokémon with DIG, SURF and ROCK SMASH abilities. VIP?: Não. Localização: North from Mahogany. RewardPokémon Tyrogue.
  • Dragon's Den QuestRequirements: lvl 250+, 1000 dragon's tooth, 50 crystal stones. VIP?: Yes. Location: Blackthorn (Johto). Reward: Articuno feather (evolve Piloswine -> Mamoswine)
  • Milotic QuestRequirements: lvl 131+, pokémon with FLY ability. VIP?: Yes. Location: Singer. Reward: Pokémon Feebas (evolve to Milotic using water stone).
  • Farol QuestRequirements: lvl 230+, 500 water gem, 100 coloured egg, 100 bat wing, 200 pot of moss bug, 300 apple bit. VIP?: No. Location: Olivine. Reward: Addon Box.
  • Fossil QuestRequirements: lvl 150+, pokémon com FLY. VIP?: Yes. Location: 1- Cinnabar lab., 2- Pewter museum... (watch the video). Reward: Old Amber or Helix Fossil (whatever you choose, change it for pokémon Relicanth with the Cinnabar Researcher).
  • Conquest QuestRequirements: lvl 150+, 4 books of the quest, group of four players, each one needs: Venusaur, other must have Jynx, other must have Gengar and the last one, Arcanine. VIP?: No. Location: Various, watch on the video. Prêmio: Cursed soul (evolve some ghost pokes) and Addon Box (you receive both, no need to choose).
  • Policial Jenny QuestRequirements: lvl 170+ (recommended: 300), group with 4 jogadores. VIP?: No. Location: Police point in Cerulean. Reward: Wedding ring.
  • Pesadelo QuestRequirements: All Kanto badges, pokémon with FLY ability. VIP?: Yes. Location: North from Mahogany. Reward: You choose if you wanna win these 3: Pokémon Riolu, Cursed Souls (evolve some ghost pokes) and Soothe Bell (evolve Togetic -> Togekiss); or these 3: Spiritomb, Cursed souls (evolve some ghost pokes) and Necklace of Spirit (evolve Dusclops -> Dusknoir).
  • Misterious QuestRequirements: lvl 300+, Ancient Amulet, Black Stone, pokémon Ditto. VIP?: No. Location: Island southeast from Hunter Village. Reward: Pokémon Shiny Dragonair.
  • Remembrance QuestRequirements: Any level, itens: poisonous tail, mystical petal, dark wing, yellow eye, Thunder's tail, Volcano's plume, Wind's tail. Pokémon Shiny Gloom. VIP?: Yes. Location: Singer. Reward: ???
  • Specialist QuestRequirements: --  VIP?: --. Location: Watch the video. Reward: --
  • [NEW] Quest JungleRequirements: Any level. Pokémon Bonsly.  VIP?: No.. Location: Goldenrod, north. Reward: Vileplume level 40.
  • [NEW] Quest JokerRequirements: Kill the Gengar Joker pokémon. VIP?: No. Location: Cherrygrove. Reward: Skeleton Decoration.

Originally in portuguese by [Help] Juh Targaryen.

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